New Year, New You, New beginning, New...hmmm

by Mon Agoston December 31, 2020

New Year, New You, New beginning, New...hmmm

New Year, New You, New Beginning, New....hmmmm

We can all agree that 2020 was....unexpected, challenging, scary and nonetheless, nothing like any other year ever before. When the news was seeping in to our lives about a virus back in February, we never thought it could get to us!? Surely, we were prepared for this - it seems not!?  


I don’t think any of us thought that this year would turn out quite like it has. All of us have struggled in some way, some more than others...but here we are, the end of 2020 - the last day of this very odd, strange and fearful year, ready to get those wishes, intentions and goals for 2021 out there...into the universe? We know there is much hope out there that we can move on with life a little bit better soon, but realistically, it will also take some time - things won’t change magically from the 1st January (if only!) 


So, instead of feeling the pressure to plan big for 2021, let’s reflect on what we've all achieved this year. There must be things that you started this year due to life being a little different, and then you realised it changed you, your situation, mental / physical health or mood for good. Those may be as little things as getting up five minutes earlier or doing those extra few minutes stretches at the end of the day. No need to only count massive changes, as little, consistent changes do work brilliantly.  You might have picked up a new sport you haven’t done before. You might have read more books this year than you have in total in the past five years, or you might have found a new passion for crocheting or doing jigsaws. Whatever it is, if it boosted your mental and physical health or mood, it has been positive and you can hopefully carry on doing it in the future. 


This year might have helped you building a better relationship with your partner, communicating better and / or doing new things together. It might have been the year when you finally started baking that banana bread you always wanted – we kind of moved on from banana bread right? - or went vegan because, why not try something new?  


There have been many posts about accomplishments, achieved goals (sport, life or career) and tips/guidance and suggestions. Social media has boomed big time. Don’t get us wrong, we love technology as it enables us to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and of course you lovely people. Without it, we could have not started our little business, BUT it has also caused quite a lot of unnecessary stress, mental health issues and worry to some people. We all lived through and experienced this year differently and comparing ourselves to others on social media can be a very negative experience.  


So, just in case you need a reminder: You just have to do YOU, what works for YOU, and what makes YOU happy.  


For us, no, we have not done any crazy sporting challenges this year but got though, still happy we exercised when we wanted and it made us feel good. No, we haven’t picked up any radical new hobbies (unless listening to podcasts or doing my first roast potatoes count!?)  but we were glad that we had more time for the hobbies we already had. No, we don’t have any amazing or brilliant achievements this year but that’s ok! We still think despite not seeing family or friends, this year has been kind to us. We started our little business, ‘met’ new people (YOU included), succeeded in many ways, and started dreaming about new ideas... and, most importantly, we still have our friends and family in good health. It’s enough! 


Let’s remember these things and think of 2021 as another year where things may be a little strange, but also pretty incredible! 


We wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you again for your continuous support. We would love to hear from you so don’t be a stranger, drop us a line! 

Mon Agoston
Mon Agoston


Sizing charts

These guides relate to body measurements and not garment measurements. Take your chest, waist and hip measurements. The size bracket you fall into is likely to give you the best fit.

That said, we all know that fit is a very personal thing, so a few things to bear in mind…

We give you realistic sizing by us wearing the kit with our measurements so you can ensure you get the right size. If you are still unsure, please do get in touch. We are very happy to help and it avoids unnecessary returns.

VIBE & GLOW SS Jersey Size Chart






76 – 83

68 – 72

85 - 90


83 – 92

72 – 76

90 - 95


92 – 99

76 – 80

95 – 100


99 – 106

80 – 84

100 – 105


Please note that this jersey comes up small. Mon & Sophie usually wears Small and Medium jerseys but sized up to Medium and Large for comfort. Abby is wearing a medium (her usual size) for a race fit.


Mon (on right) – wearing Medium jersey. Chest / Waist = 88/71 (unit in cm)

Sophie (on left) - wearing Large jersey. Chest / Waist =  96.5/83.8 (unit in cm)

Abby (below) - wearing Medium jersey. Chest / Waist  = 92/74 (unit in cm)

 GLOW Women's pro tri-suit


Chest (in cm) 

Chest (in inches) 


76 – 82 

30 -32 


82 - 88 

32 - 35 


88 - 94 

35 - 37 


94 - 100 

37 - 39 


100 – 106 

39 - 42 


106 - 112 

42 - 44 


112 - 118 

44 - 46 

Cloe is wearing a Medium Glow tri-suit


VIBE LS Thermal Women's Cycling Jersey

Unit (cm) 







72 - 82 

80 - 88 

89 - 98 

95 - 102 

99 - 106 


56 - 66 

65 - 73 

74 - 85 

84 - 96 

95 - 105 

*If you want more than just a base layer underneath your jersey, please go one size up from your usual size. 

Mon is wearing a Small LS thermal jersey. Chest / Waist = 88/71 (unit in cm)

Casual T-Shirts Size Chart

These measurements are give in cm's and are the actual measurements of the T-shirts. If you need larger or small, get in touch - we can help :)

















Front Length




Front Length




Back Length




Back Length





Pick & Mix Socks Size Chart





S - M 

4 - 7 

37 - 41 

5.5 - 8.5 

L - XL 

8 - 11 

42 - 46 

9.5 - 11.5