'Truth Time'

by Mon Agoston December 22, 2021

I love a challenging blog and this is not a small one either. I really wanted to end this year on a high but it hasn't been as brilliant as we wished for so thought, honesty is something everyone deserves and perhaps like?! ;-)

This year, like last year, has been quite a learning curve; both professionally and personally. Although I don't think the learning ever ends but the last two years managed to squeeze in more than the last 10; agree?

First of all, when we all thought this year will finally be different from last, it hit us that not much changed and life is still pretty much lived in covid days and restrictions. A quick visit home or a short holiday (for the lucky ones) locally or abroad is all anyone could squeeze in so if you managed more, you have to let us know how. 

Second of all, I personally realised no matter what I do, things will not rush themselves and they go in their own pace. Sure, you should focus and push but forced energy is no good either. SO....what is it in the 'Truth Time'?!

Last year we wrote a blog about buying from small businesses and how great it is for everyone. This year, I'd like to be honest and tell you how it is to run a small business, the challenges, the fun part and the never-ending changes you go through as a person and a business owner. Right, let's start.

1. HARD - I'm 99% sure that you all know, or have ideas, how hard it is to run a small business. What started as a fun project, became this 'beast' on my mind which was not intended at all. The fun project became an Ltd. with that tax return, invoices, brand strategy, product development, social media & marketing. These are all very exciting things and I enjoyed learning but they also started to play on my mind quite heavily. It all started with a small idea of selling a colourful and fun cycling kit with a funky design, and got to the stage of constantly worrying if other future products:

* Will sell?

* Will they be popular?

* What about the colours?

* What about sizes?

* Shall I get stock? How much?

* If they don't sell, what am I going to do with the stock?

* How many times should I post a week?

* Should I post something else? Do people like it? Are they interesting?

* We are not gaining but losing followers....and so on and on and on.

It is an insight how my brained worked for at least a year. The constant finding new suppliers and dealing with their difficulties (factory issues, world-wide pandemic related shipping, materials are not re-stocked, etc.) which always affects us even harder. Brexit is a new added issue (don't you just love it?!) that makes it financially very difficult so if you're not a business with the financial background & a relatively good budget, it is extremely hard and worrying at all times as you're hardly making any money to cover overheads, let alone gaining profit. It is clear I cannot leave my full-time job to put all my attention to this but how can I continue balancing the two jobs and other life events? The constant push and attention social media requires left me stressed, tired and unmotivated. Personal changes within the business also made it harder...so yes, hard is quite an understatement and I often ask myself if it's worth to keep going BUT the next two will explain why it is...


2. The HIGH - is definitely when new products come out and they are liked & popular. Wohoo!! Success....well...but here me out. We gained two lovely ambassadors, who, by the way, were originally our supporters/followers and even when they said yes to being ambassadors, they still don't get much free stuff at all from us but they are keep being loyal, up-beat and super friendly. They are genuine and down-to-earth athletes and they don't get much sponsorship form other brands either but they loved our brand from the beginning and their help is invaluable. Then we gained more people / customers / friends who just love our brands and it really is what makes me keep going. The lovely feedback from customers when they either write a brilliant review or get in touch just to tell me how much they love a product they just bought. It's heart warming and yes, there is a happy dance going on at every purchase. It does get emotional due to people being so lovely...*I'm not crying, you are* When people wear our garments and tag us and tell the world they love it.

When athletes wear the tri-suit and the socks in races.




When other businesses say yes to collaboration.

When you gain real-life friends from social media. All these are the reasons the business keeps going despite the hardship!


3. CHANGE - this is a huge one. As a brand you will always go through this and it never ends; and it's good. No brand should stagnate and do things the same way just because this is how it's been done for a long time. The world changes so quick, you've got to go with it (not saying change on a daily basis but needs a regular review and see how you can make tiny changes so you're doing the right things). I have been going through a rather personal journey for a little while and it requires me to find, be true and the best version of myself and share my experiences. This is a BIG one and the hardest change I've ever been through, not going to lie. During this journey, I started seeing things differently not only for my life but for the business. I started worrying less, I started letting go of things that didn't matter as much any longer BUT what still exists is putting the ethos, my passion, my consistent & hard work and my learnt experiences through the items I come up with. I always wanted to make people happy. I love when they put on a sock, t-shirt or a cycling jersey and feel empowered, positive and happy; because ultimately that is what I am trying to do.

The questions remain though, but with a less intense focus on them:

*Will the business always have this form (selling products)? I want to be honest and say, I don't know...

*Will I have the willpower to go on even when business is not doing well? I don't know...

What I know is that it's been a wonderful, challenging, hard, happy and trialling year and a half. The new chapter starts early next year and this reflects the beginning of this new journey and the designs also reflect my personality, who I am and where I am at that point in my life. It's ME in garments. Haha...well, kind of.

It's not all doom and gloom, far from it but there is no denying that the last few months have been the hardest. I will still go on and enter 2022 with a refreshed and an ever growing mindset and hope that you will all continue to follow the journey. Without you all, I wouldn't be here for sure. With this in mind, I wish you all a 



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Mon Agoston
Mon Agoston


Sizing charts

These guides relate to body measurements and not garment measurements. Take your chest, waist and hip measurements. The size bracket you fall into is likely to give you the best fit.

That said, we all know that fit is a very personal thing, so a few things to bear in mind…

We give you realistic sizing by us wearing the kit with our measurements so you can ensure you get the right size. If you are still unsure, please do get in touch. We are very happy to help and it avoids unnecessary returns.

VIBE & GLOW SS Jersey Size Chart






76 – 83

68 – 72

85 - 90


83 – 92

72 – 76

90 - 95


92 – 99

76 – 80

95 – 100


99 – 106

80 – 84

100 – 105


Please note that this jersey comes up small. Mon & Sophie usually wears Small and Medium jerseys but sized up to Medium and Large for comfort. Abby is wearing a medium (her usual size) for a race fit.


Mon (on right) – wearing Medium jersey. Chest / Waist = 88/71 (unit in cm)

Sophie (on left) - wearing Large jersey. Chest / Waist =  96.5/83.8 (unit in cm)

Abby (below) - wearing Medium jersey. Chest / Waist  = 92/74 (unit in cm)

 GLOW Women's pro tri-suit


Chest (in cm) 

Chest (in inches) 


76 – 82 

30 -32 


82 - 88 

32 - 35 


88 - 94 

35 - 37 


94 - 100 

37 - 39 


100 – 106 

39 - 42 


106 - 112 

42 - 44 


112 - 118 

44 - 46 

Cloe is wearing a Medium Glow tri-suit


VIBE LS Thermal Women's Cycling Jersey

Unit (cm) 







72 - 82 

80 - 88 

89 - 98 

95 - 102 

99 - 106 


56 - 66 

65 - 73 

74 - 85 

84 - 96 

95 - 105 

*If you want more than just a base layer underneath your jersey, please go one size up from your usual size. 

Mon is wearing a Small LS thermal jersey. Chest / Waist = 88/71 (unit in cm)

Casual T-Shirts Size Chart

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Front Length




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Back Length





Pick & Mix Socks Size Chart





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37 - 41 

5.5 - 8.5 

L - XL 

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42 - 46 

9.5 - 11.5